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Internet Advertising

marketing campaings

Our aggressive Internet marketing campaigns generate hundreds calls and inquiries every month from potential renters interested in our featured properties and leasing services.

We have a full-time staff dedicated to optimizing our rental properties and network of web sites to show up at the top of popular search engines for “Rental” related keyword phrases.

Frequently asked questions

Our single family homes are being rented in less than 30-40 days and condos less than 45-50 days. Depending on location, the average days on market could increase or decrease.

Because there are so many people in the market for rental homes in Las Vegas, Nevada we are seeing the average time getting shorter.

We’ve been building our Internet presence for Las Vegas Real Estate since 2012, which now includes several top ranking and high traffic web sites that generate between 150-200 rental inquiries a month.

This is in addition to the phone calls and emails our office receives every day from families looking for rental houses or condos in Las Vegas.

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