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Property Management Rate And Fees

Where many local property management websites tend to bury or vaguely display their fee schedules, our Las Vegas property management fees are straight forward and competitive.

Las Vegas Property Management Fees

  • Management Fee - 8% of Gross Monthly Rent (minimum $80) - Monthly
  • Admin Setup - One-time Fee Due At Contract Signing - Waived
  • Tenant Placement - Lease Signing & Move-in Inspection With The New Tenant - $200
  • Agent Referral - Referral Fee Paid to Referring Real Estate Agent - $300
  • Lease Renewal - Lease Renewal Addendum to Lease - $100

RSI Property Management Group charges an initial setup / admin fee of ($) but is currently waiving the fee if you sign up for our services prior to (date), (Year) and 8% per month (minimum $80), which covers all other management and accounting responsibilities.

Our minimum reserve requirement is only ($) (depending whether you have a home warranty or not), which we collect to cover the immediate costs of authorized minor repairs and maintenance work.

RSI Property Management Group
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