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Services We Offer

1. Tenant Screening

A thorough tenant screening process is an essential step in obtaining a qualified tenant(s) who will maintain the property in good condition and pay his/her rent on time.

2. Maintenance / Administrative

RSI Property Management Group does not charge miscellaneous fees to coordinate the repairs. And since we manage many local residential properties, our vendors and maintenance contractors tend to give us volume discounts.

3. No Advertising Fee

As a benefit to our landlords, we do not charge extra fees for online advertising and marketing.

Between a series of strong search engine marketing campaigns, single property web sites and an aggressive Craigslist advertising schedule, Rsi Property Management’s online presence has a proven history of getting properties rented within 20-45 days.
Obviously, if you request offline advertising, such as newspapers or other related print classifieds, those charges will be passed back to the landlord.

Keep in mind though, many of our rental properties have been successfully rented strictly from our overwhelming online presence, as well as through the MLS and REALTOR partner relationships.

4. Accounting Services

RSI Property Management Group’s landlord, tenant, statements, banking, monthly payments… and all other secure and sensitive information is managed through the number one property management software company, AppFolio.com.
One of the benefits of AppFolio is that our tenants and landlords can login to view their accounts, pay rent, receive payments and pay bills.
personal information totally safe and private.
In addition to your online account access, Rsi property Manangement will provide you with a detailed report each month that breaks down all income and expenses for your property.
All invoices and receipts for any repaired items as well as any correspondence on your property will be included in each report. These reports will be sent to you no later then the 15th of each month.
Owner proceeds will be disbursed by the 10th of each month by direct deposit (preferred) or check, unless the tenant pays their rent late.
A 1099 tax form will be provided at years end for all tax and accounting purposes

5. Advertising
RSI Property Management Group
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